(catering services) are the same company. You can expect fresh
tasty food and friendly service no matter which business you need
to use. Everyday Tete’s owners are imagining ways to put our distinct spin on popular dishes from around the world.
As part of this goal we create a new menu every six months focusing on ingredients that are fresh depending on the particular season we are in.
We are ready to think about every detail, find any ingredient and
prepare any dish for your event. Based on the nature of your event
we can adjust our menu to suit your guests and season in which it
is held.
The chefs at Catering by Tete want you to feel like a guest at your own party. We will do the planning for you, set up the necessary equipment, and serve you delicious food. Our servers and bartenders will take care of you and your guests and do all of the cleaning when the event is over. We take great pride in our ability to put our Latin American fusion spin on many different cuisines. Peruvian cuisine is one of the rising stars of the culinary world gaining both in notariety and popularity. Instead of bringing you the same old food day after day, we are happy to introduce you to new dishes or old dishes made new.
For the past three years Tete’s has strived to provide delicious choices for a variety of palates. We offer both tradional and contemporary Peruvian cuisine, dishes for the health concious and vegetarians, as well as dishes from around the world. Give us a try! Come to Tete’s and experience our hospitality and our delicious cuisine. You won’t forget the experience.
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