Tete's Bistronomie brings to Highland Park a fusion of Peruvian home cooking and international cuisine at an economical price. Bistronomie is a term that was recently coined in Spain and France to describe a new breed of restaurant that serves the simple home cooked type meals such as one might find in a bistro. The twist is that the chefs use the latest techniques in the science of good eating (gastronomy) to update the dishes. The fact that the word economy is also part of the word is an added bonus. (BISTRO-NOMIE = BISTRONOMIE)
Here at Tete's our goal is to serve you high quality, contemporary cooking at reasonable prices. All the ingredients we use are fresh and high quality. Our dishes are made from scratch with sauces that are made daily. Furthermore we import many of our ingredients from Peru. The aji amarillo and panca peppers, bojita olives, incas corn, peruvian-chinese noodles, soy sauce, rocoto (red hot peppers), herbs and corn nuts are all brought in to give you the same flavors and aromas that you would find in a restaurant in Peru.Every day with have daily specials for lunch and dinner. Also we have a tasting menu that is served family style available for parties of eight or more. We welcome big parties for any kind of celebration. Tete's Bistronomie is located in the charming town of Highland Park, NJ. The warm, welcoming and inclusive small town spirit is the perfect place for our 'bistronomie” philosophy.
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